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Initialize iCafeCloud, the easy way

So you’re loving iCafeCloud already? And want to know how to Initialize iCafeCloud? Here’s a brief, POS soldier! First and foremost, let’s get the server ready, OR NOT? iCafeCloud does not require a dedicated monster PC to run! Any PC… Continue Reading →

Local events with iCafeCloud

The best part of owning a LAN gaming center is certainly the joy of watching teams battle it out in a local arena. And here’s something, better than the best! Events managed via your POS system directly! You heard it… Continue Reading →

Save Games on the Cloud

AAA Titles are somewhat of a huge selling point when it comes to owning a gaming center. It is hard to determine when a player would want to switch the machine they’re using. Save games done manually in such a… Continue Reading →

iCafeCloud, what’s new?

Hey There! Thank you for bring here. We are grateful and humbled by the love you have for iCafeCloud! We love to bring better features to you that make your life easier. Here are a few recent ones that we… Continue Reading →

Leverage your POS with sponsored events

It’s great to have a lot of gamers competing at your gaming zone! But you cannot always keep adding to the prize pool yourself, can you? Unless you are someone close to Musk or Besos, a prize pool is a… Continue Reading →

TOXiC GAMiNG, Egypt Success Story

We love talking to our customers for feedback and this has been one such conversation. We recently had a fun conversation with Mustafa Helmi AKA “DEHCAA”, Owner of TOXiC GAMiNG from Egypt! Here’s a gist of the gaming center and… Continue Reading →

Success Stories BEMBO, Egypt

Welcome to BEMBO! A success story all the way from the land of Egypt! Here’s what’s in store. At first, you see the pure gamer RGB decor waiting to welcome you and get you into the vibe! Talk about the… Continue Reading →

POS Multi-Location management simplified

With iCafeCloud, we’ve had one motto since the inception. Save time, Money and Effort for each subscriber that opts in! We’re proud to be the market leader. As a solution provider, we are proud to put ultimate power into your… Continue Reading →

iCafeCloud goes supersonic!

iCafeCloud is becoming supersonic!

Open API Integration for POS made EZ.

So how’s business? Boomin’ we’re sure because you use iCafeCloud! Here’s another mind blowing feature! You can now use the Open API from iCafeCloud and integrate it into your own apps or websites! Let us know if you can make… Continue Reading →

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