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Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of maintaining your computer systems in your Internet cafe or gaming center? Do you want to reduce your overhead costs and increase your profits? If so, you need to check out CCBootCloud, the revolutionary cloud-based diskless boot system.

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CCBoot Cloud

CCBootCloud is a powerful system that allows you to run multiple computers without any physical hard drives. By utilizing the cloud, CCBootCloud offers lightning-fast speeds and high performance, giving your customers the best gaming experience possible. With CCBootCloud, you can easily manage all of your computers from a centralized location, making it easy to install software, update drivers, and ensure that all systems are running smoothly.


CCBootCloud Update

We’re excited to announce that CCBootCloud has undergone a major update to provide even faster game loading and booting times, as well as improved read and write speeds.


The new speeds of CCBOOT are impressive, as demonstrated by the two examples above. The updated software is capable of completely maxing out the 1Gb LAN interface, achieving speeds of 110-120MB. all of the data passed through to the client machine is real data. As a result of these enhancements, users can expect much faster game loading times and reduced game downloading and installation times.

What Does it Mean?

Our team has been hard at work optimizing CCBootCloud’s performance to ensure that your customers can enjoy the best gaming experience possible. With this update, we’ve significantly reduced game loading and booting times, so your customers can jump right into their favorite games without any delays. This means less waiting time and more time spent gaming, which is exactly what your customers want.

In addition to faster game loading and booting times, we’ve also improved the read and write speeds of CCBootCloud. This means that your customers can save their game progress and settings much faster, which is especially important for games that require frequent saves or updates. With our improved read and write speeds, your customers can save time and focus on playing their games, without worrying about slow save times.

Booting test

At CCBootCloud, we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. We understand that speed is essential for a great gaming experience, which is why we’ve made these updates to enhance the performance of our system. We’re confident that you and your customers will notice the difference and enjoy the benefits of these improvements.

What are you waiting for?

In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the game. With CCBootCloud, you can do just that. So why wait? See pricing for CCBootCloud or get your Free-Trail and take your gaming center to the next level!