POS systems have been the same old, boring for as long as a decade. Maybe, even more! Let’s change it a little, shall we? It’s time to unveil the future of POS systems. Let’s start with, it’s all on the Cloud! Yeah, no kidding, access your POS from anywhere in the world! Behold, the only POS you will ever need, powered by the Internet!

Let’s begin with the very basics, the sale UI. With Traditional UI systems, all you could do was add categories, scan a few bar codes and maybe track inventory. With iCafeCloud, you can do all this, and alot more! Like, monitor your clients, let the clients order from their machines, manage time, licenses and even, host events!

Cloud Based POS for Gaming Centers

Information overload already? There’s more! While traditional POS systems were limited to the amount of value you can give back to your customers. With the brand new Cloud POS system, Customers get to avail point based rewards depending upon the games they play. They can claim these rewards as and when they collect enough of these!

Events are another option for your customers to earn extra points and Real Cash and We Guarantee No Scams! Why? Because we’ve built a completely secure backend to all of this awesomeness! Sounds good? We have our software trials available for free, right here!

Still Stuck to the old POS? It’s time to get smarter.