When it comes to running a gaming center, the software and network architecture choices go a long way. They can be one of the major factors that can result to making or breaking your setup!

The Power Of Diskless with Cloud POS

There is a fair bit of complexity that comes into play when setting up a diskless PXE boot setup. But once done, ease of operation is imminent. The best part, the performance over the diskless setup is at par or at times even better than traditional disk setups. Add a great management software into this blend of future proofing, and you’re good to go!

Here’s what you can expect from your super secure, futuristic setup!

Your diskless management service, CCBoot takes cares of storing all the games that you want to run at your setup. On the other hand, iCafeCloud will take care of the needed updates for all of these games! the symbiosis is beautiful, right? There’s a lot more like this!

While your diskless software makes USB write protection a 2 step activation process, your cloud based POS gives your client machines a completely new UI wherein clients have little to no access to the windows UI. Talk about the pain free security from viruses, malware, trojans and what have you. Any of the systems on this network environment essentially boot up as fresh new PCs on every restart! The best part, your save games are still taken care of!

Here’s another! CCBoot takes care of monitoring and remote controlling your client PCs in case of help and service requests. Your cloud POS iCafeCloud on the other hand, takes care of the time management and logging the clients in and out automatically! Talk about working in harmony, we found our version of it for sure!

Don’t believe this to be true? Here’s a FREE DEMO of iCafeCloud and CCBoot!