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It is a never-ending debate when it comes to choosing between running a diskless setup vs. a disk-based setup! Here are a few advantages that one can expect when running on a diskless service-based setup.

Ranging all the way from saving costs to saving electricity and managing temperatures and more!

What we are covering today:

  • Installation
  • Threat Management
  • Disc Capacity
  • Cost Comparison
  • Setting up New Systems
  • Data Saving
  • Electrical Costs And Temperature Control

Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Installation
Disk Vs Diskless Installation

Installations and updates consume more time than anything and even more if the installations have huge file sizes!

With a diskless setup however, all one needs to do is to install once on the server and voila! All PCs on the network are ready with the required software or game and good to go. All that needs to be done is one restart for the client PCs

  • Threat Management
Threat Management

Viruses, Malware, Trojans and a lot of other threats are always around the corner when it comes to multiple users working on a network accessing tons of webpages and downloading data at all times. While with a traditional disk-based system, this could induce unwanted elements onto the client systems quite easily. With a diskless system on the other hand, a restart of the client PC is more than enough to bring it back to the original state that it was saved into.

Not to mention, this also saves tons of money on purchasing Anti-Virus and Deep Freeze Solutions!

  • Disk Capacity  
Disk Capacity

When working with a disk-based system, each and every computer on the network requires a hard drive. This brings in extra efforts in terms on installing the drives, optimizing them to increase productivity also as mentioned earlier, individual installations take up a lot of time. With a diskless setup though, all PCs on the network access the data from the same hard drive which gives the user a lot of flexibility in terms of adding more capacity when required and saving tons of time and money.

Which essentially translates into, Virtually Unlimited storage!

  • Cost Comparison
Cost Comparision

Traditional disk-based systems have and will always require spending lots of cash into purchasing hard disks per system and even more when a disk goes bad or gets corrupt. The simplest solution to avoid costs on constantly buying more disks would easily be to use a single hard disk in harmony with a diskless setup and running it to supply data to all systems in the network.

BONUS:  RAID 0 Setups are always possible when running a diskless setup to increase data redundancy and reliability!

  • Setting Up New Systems
Adding New PCs

The hassles of installing an Operating System for a newly built machines are an obsolete with a diskless setup! Gone are the days when installing an OS would take anywhere from 20 minutes all the way to an hour or more depending on the configuration of the PC. With Diskless setups, the moment the machine is activated on the network, it already has an OS installed along with any modifications, optimizations and changes made to the super image (super image is the copy of OS that runs on all machines on the network).

  • Saving Data
Data Saving

Any data or progress that needs to be saved is automatically saved onto the server and can be accessed from ANY MACHINE on the network, well isn’t that magical in itself? Time to throw away the USB flash drives and move to a much more sophisticated manner of saving and using data! All made possible with the power of diskless solutions!

  • Electrical Costs and Temperature Control
Electrical Costs

It is a known fact that Hard Disks do consume electricity to be able to run effectively and even more when there’s tremendous read write which is always the case when they’re used in professional work environments along with the generated heat when running multiple disks simultaneously! With diskless, since the disks are only attached to one Server Machine, this brings down the costs for electricity as well as cooling all in one go!

Temp Control

Guess it is time to throw away a traditional disk-based system altogether?

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