Gaming Center management software have come a long way since they were developed back in the day. Keeping a constant track of the earnings has been an integral element of the products always. Keeping a track of the earnings real time, from anywhere in the world though, that hasn’t always been that easy, until now!

Earnings tracking with iCafeCloud, Realtime!

iCafeCloud enables center owners to track their earnings anytime, anywhere! The cloud powered POS keeps track of every transaction that happens at your gaming center and reports back to you in real time!

And this doesn’t end here! Your iCafeCloud manager shows your earnings in time frames ranging from a day all the way to years! You can easily compare your reports from the previous year and track your progress with as much simplicity as exists!

To add to the simplicity, iCafeCloud let’s you access your cloud panel from anywhere in the World! All you need is an active internet connection and a browser!

Being one of the building blocks of a POS, this feature always needed an upgrade. And guess what, it’s finally here! Welcome to the future of gaming center POS. Behold, the power of iCafeCloud!

Need a demo? We got you! Just join our discord and ask us for one!