Employee management can literally make or break your business! And us, a strictly SOP run company know this better then anybody! Brining the best of our experiences your way, we proudly present, iCafeCloud’s employee management feature! When you use iCafeCloud, here’s what you can expect.

  • PC Logs
  • Employee shift management
  • Employee access managment
  • Stock management

Let’s talk about each of these in detail!

PC Logs

The auto generated PC logs contain per PC user data, transactions and related time stamps.

The owner can take complete charge of the data in the PC logs. Logs can also be filtered by client name, employee name and event types.

These records can only be be examined by the assigned employees while the owner has the complete control over these logs.

Employee Shifts

Shifts are especially helpful when the center has multiple terminals and employees working together. The shift management system helps with tracking the start and end time first and foremost. It is possible to track the total working hours, payments accepted by the employee as well as the payment method totals that were used. Of course, along with the total amount collected by them.

Employee logs are always available to the center owners.

Employee Access Management

With reference to iCafeCloud’s control panel, employees can be assigned roles, privileges and actions per account.

This varies all the way from adding offers to allowing admin mode as well as edit member accounts and adding loans.

Stock Management

When allowed on the employee accounts tab, the employees can also manage stock. Centre admins can select the stock transactions that employees can make from their accounts.

This means they can add, remove, modify and restock any stock that you have added to your system.

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