Imagine this, your gaming center POS also takes care of all the games licenses you have purchased on it’s own! Impossible? It’s 2022! Here’s iCafeCloud! And, here’s a completely free demo!

License Pool management with ICafeCloud

Got the demo? Awesome, let’s talk about how your life is about to get better! Say you have about 200 game licenses on an excel sheet, the old skool styles. The way it would work is, you either copy paste it for your clients, everytime. To enable this you could keep remoting their PCs every time someone needs a license. Or, maybe keep the password taped to their machines. This is good but let’s talk about great?

Licenses are backed up to a cloud database! The moment your clients click a game name, they have the license! No more copy pasta or maybe the tape. Or even, keeping accounts logged in ultimately keeping them available for notoriety!

Next comes the Oh so terrifying task of tracking the games in use. Humanly, impossible. On the cloud, breezy! On iCafeCloud, divinity! Auto tracking for licenses comes default with iCafeCloud! Keeping track manually? That’s so 2008! Welcome, to the future!

If that doesn’t move you, here’s more! With the help of the license management system, iCafeCloud will show you the most popular titles. The local hot section is made just for this!

Dive in to simplicity, explore divinity! Welcome, to iCafeCloud!