Global Events with iCafeCloud

Global Events hosting and participation with iCafeCloud, is a completely new experience we want to bring your way.

Use iCafeCloud to manage your centre and we take care of rewarding your customers! We at Youngzsoft (the creators of iCafeCloud) organize events weekly for multiple games regularly. Players of your gaming center can earn up to 100$ from the games they participate in while they compete. The participants compete with players from all across the globe!

Games played in the tournament are,


League Of Legends

Dota 2


Counter Strike : Global Offensive

Registration can be done by linking email ID and wallet addresses.

During the course of the tournament,

Position of the player,

Name of the player,

The gaming center that they play from,

The number of matches they have won,

The kill records,

Point gain transactions

Bonus points

are all displayed on the iCafeCloud panel

Following are the coin distribution rules for the tournament :

Fortnite: +9 coins for each win , +3 coins for each kill, and +2 coins for each assist.

League of Legends: + 3 coins in each win + 2 coins per kill + 1 coin per assist – 0.5 coins  per death + 2 coins if over 10 kills on game, 2 coins if over 10 assists on game.

Dota 2: + 3 coins in each win + 2 coins per kill + 1 coin per assist, -0.5 coin per death, + 2 coins if over 10 kills in a game, +2 coins if over 10 assists in a game.

Valorant: + 20 coins per win , + 2 coins per kill , + 0.5 coins per assist.

CS:GO : +3 coins per win, +0.5 coins per kill, +0.1 coins per assist, -0.2 coins per death, -2 coins per loss.

Players can sign up with their email address or wallet address if they prefer payment over crypto currency (doge). More details on the same here

All event leaderboards are hosted live here