How to check report on iCafeCloud

How to check the report

This video explains how to check the report page on iCafeCloud.

The report shows your current income and profit amounts.

Cafe expenses during the reporting period

In the settings page, the admin can input the cafe’s monthly expenses. The cafe’s monthly expenses need to be allocated to each PC.

For example: If a cafe‘s monthly expense is 1000 and its report period is 1 day. Then, the PC money is 5000, then the PC profit is:

5000 – (1000 / 30).  30 is 30 days in a month.

Please be aware that the data in this section is only retained on our servers for 30 days; the duration may be extended by linking a Google Drive account. See how to! 

The report overview shows :  Income . Sales , Topup , Products , Games.

The topup amount calculated as cash the day is added , if the topup balance is used next day will be shown as profit only on the reports the next day.
(You will noticed that when Porift amount is greater than Cash amount)
EX: If you topup 100$ to a member today and the member will not spend any of them the amount will added as cash but if the same member spend 50$ in the next day then report will show on profit 50$ more than in cash.

You can find more details on this wiki : Wiki

how to check report