At Youngzsoft, we have been in a life long feedback loop. That said, we also love to keep pushing our limits. Leading the industry is a tough job, you see? So what are we doing today? Brining iCafeCloud closer to its full potential!

Starting as soon as you read this blog, we are moving onto a better, enhanced backend PHP for iCafeCloud that you love! What’s changing you ask? Let’s say, everything and nothing! Confused? Let us explain!

iCafeCloud is the fastest gaming center POS

A new PHP backend means, faster functioning, lesser load times, more customization options and increased reliability! As for the user experience, say atleast 30% better!

All your favorite features are still in the package! Like the loyalty points, the live time reporting and even the newest API link feature! And its all, definitely alot faster!

The upgrade also makes the software more sophisticated, organized and easy to use! Along with easier bug tracking on our dev side for faster and better bug fixes.

And, rest assured, this is just the beginning of the journey of iCafeCloud! There is an arsenal of features heading your way sooner than you can imagine, all set to make your life easier by the day!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your FREE DEMO TODAY! Join our discord!