Hey There! Thank you for bring here. We are grateful and humbled by the love you have for iCafeCloud! We love to bring better features to you that make your life easier. Here are a few recent ones that we have bought along in the recent past. Read through to know what’s new and also what’s coming up!

First and foremost, we’ve been working on alot of bug fixes and improvements! We’ve learnt from our shortcomings and, we would love to keep working on them. Getting better by the day! That said, we have also optimized our software to meet your demands, faster! That’s right, after a zillion renditions [Initialize V 2133420.23] not quite literally but it does feel somewhat that way for sure.

We’ve got a completely new backend overhaul powered by PHP Frameworks Laravel which is the newest and the fastest in the realm. It allows us alot more flexibility to make the software alot better and adds tremendous amounts of customization for you! It also makes the software increasingly reliable!

The next thing we have been working on is the Open API system for linking your iCafeCloud to your custom sites and apps. Here’s power, to YOU! The future, is here!

iCafeCloud is not also about 20-30% faster and better than leading POS software in the industry! And, it’s only getting better soon! So, gear up, extreme speeds coming up!

We have also quite recently improved the member search algorithm, fixed problems with subcenters, improved cafe transfers, added more languages to the panel, updated the overwolf plugin for better coin score tracking. And There is a lot more!

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