Global servers are here! Ask a gamer, any true gamer, games do no make us violent, LAG does! And we at Youngzsoft, make sure our services don’t make you or your customers rage! At least, because of us! Here’s how we assure you of this. iCafeCloud’s global servers are available at every location you need them!

We consider it our eternal responsibility to be able to serve your business the best we can. That said, we have established super low ping hosts for all our iCafeCloud enabled gaming centers. All around the world! This also means, no matter where you are in the world, you can always have no hassle access to your business!

When using iCafeCloud’s multi center feature. You can rest assured that all your gaming centers are taken care of with just one license that is registered to our cloud servers.

icafecloud global servers

In a gist, our network contains multiple main and slave servers. These servers easily pan Asia, Europe and even the United States!

It goes without saying that we do not compromise on our ethics of service, our quality of product and most of all our commitments to our customers.

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