It’s great to have a lot of gamers competing at your gaming zone! But you cannot always keep adding to the prize pool yourself, can you? Unless you are someone close to Musk or Besos, a prize pool is a cash drain for your brand and you know it. So then, how do you have events and not burn your cash into the prizes? Leverage the power of iCafeCloud! Here’s how!

Were determined to keep adding more value to the customers of iCafeCloud. And we do not plan to stop. What you can expect here is, a global event where your players can participate with their login details and win upto 100$ per tournament! All you have got to do is simply invest into the best software you can use for your gaming center! You have one mission, shall you choose to accept it. Install iCafeCloud. We take care of the rest! Interested? In the next 2 minutes, we’ll try and explain the full potential of this feature for you! Let’s go!

Tournaments with iCafeCloud

iCafeCloud hosts monthly and weekly tournaments with overwolf and our proprietary algorithm! Players get to account in for scores with the different games they play. Players are awarded in cash or crypto at the end of every tournament. Wallet linking is mandatory for rewards. The top 3 players as well as other top performers are all eligible to get rewards.

Seems interesting? There’s more! We classify the above as Global Events. Local events can be setup by center owners or admins! And it’s as simple as naming the tournament, selecting a game and letting players register! Rewards can be anything from game time to free F&B rewards from your store. Even gaming hardware if you wish to! Leverage the best of your POS system! With iCafeCloud, today!