If there is one thing we love, is the store ecosystem on the Microsoft windows OS! The amazing games brought our way through the store leave us wanting for more, every time! The Halo Series or the ever green, minecraft! We’ve got support for it all! That’s right, iCafeCloud and CCBootCloud come equipped with every compliance checkmark for every Microsoft product you’d like on your PCs!

All you need to do is follow 9 simple steps to get the app or game running for you! And it takes no genius to do so thanks to our elaborate Wiki! And if you get stuck, our support team is always happy to help you along the way.

Any game that you install to your server from the Microsoft store to your admin PCs game drive can be accessed from the client PCs!

Adding Microsoft apps to iCafeCloud

Adding the game to your iCafeCloud interface is also as easy as it gets! Thanks to the super user friendly iCafeCloud interface! Just add in the game, set the game path and select PC groups if needed and DONE! That’s all you have got to do to have the game running on your client PCs!

Additionally, Games are not the only thing you can add! You can even add Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Office! Trust us, it doesn’t get simpler than this! Add the game, restart the client PC and there you have it! Deployed and ready to use!