So how’s business? Boomin’ we’re sure because you use iCafeCloud! Here’s another mind blowing feature! You can now use the Open API from iCafeCloud and integrate it into your own apps or websites! Let us know if you can make a discord bot with it too! Because, it’s all possible now!

The future of POS API integration
With iCafeCloud in your hands, it most definitely is!

If your business is online, YOU NEED THIS! And we at Youngzsoft are ease your process of doing so! powered by Open API up for grabs on our site or reach out to us on Discord! And here’s how you can set it up for yourself! With the power of a cloud hosted POS for your center, there’s a lot you can dive into!

Open API for Gaming Center POS

Imagine, your oh so beautiful website, now accepts bookings from your customers, no matter where they are! All their user data is available to them with just a simple login to your site. And, they can also order whatever they want from your store if you want to enable that!

You can even, integrate Payments! Hook it up to any other data analytics tool of your preference! All the data that you need, delivered super fast! And there’s more! These analytics can easily help you gain deeper insigts into what’s bringing in the most money to you! Here’s another step to a positive cash flow! Just a simple API Integration!

That said, the usability and the extent of use for Open API is only as limited or as wide spread as your creativity! Dig in, let us know what you discover!