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Revenue Streams for LAN Gaming Centers

So you’ve made it big in the LAN center ocean, Wohoo! What next? We know the entrepreneur in you doesn’t stop here! Does it? Here are a few things you can try. The least to expect, increased revenue per sq…. Continue Reading →

Games Management with License Pools

Imagine this, your gaming center POS also takes care of all the games licenses you have purchased on it’s own! Impossible? It’s 2022! Here’s iCafeCloud! And, here’s a completely free demo! Got the demo? Awesome, let’s talk about how your… Continue Reading →


POS systems for gaming centers have been around for a while. But what if there was one that saves your time and effort all at once? Your search ends here! This cloud based POS system is set to change your… Continue Reading →

Reward Points for Customer Loyalty

Let’s face it, customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects of keeping a business running. Settings a reward for their loyalty is a must. That said, we already know you have been adding the personal touch to their… Continue Reading →

Games Management with iCafeCloud

When it comes to managing multiple games without a POS, it could cost a lot of your valuable time and there are no two ways about it. We’re here looking to make a dimensional shift to this. How would you… Continue Reading →

Earnings tracking with iCafeCloud, Realtime!

Gaming Center management software have come a long way since they were developed back in the day. Keeping a constant track of the earnings has been an integral element of the products always. Keeping a track of the earnings real… Continue Reading →

Sorry, Windows, a new UI is in town!

“Change is the only constant in life” is what they say. The windows UI has been the only panel for interacting with your PC all this time, not anymore! Change the UI for your clients into a rather gaming themed… Continue Reading →

Cloud POS Plus Diskless Boot, MAGIC?

When it comes to running a gaming center, the software and network architecture choices go a long way. They can be one of the major factors that can result to making or breaking your setup! There is a fair bit… Continue Reading →

Cloud Based POS Vs. Traditional POS

POS systems have been the same old, boring for as long as a decade. Maybe, even more! Let’s change it a little, shall we? It’s time to unveil the future of POS systems. Let’s start with, it’s all on the… Continue Reading →

Time Management for Games with iCafeCloud

So you’ve got a gaming center? This one’s for you! Let’s manage your time keeping. There’s not much you can achieve with a hand written book or also, an excel sheet can only be optimized and tweaked so much so… Continue Reading →

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