iCafeCloud POS makes multi location tracking easier

With iCafeCloud, we’ve had one motto since the inception. Save time, Money and Effort for each subscriber that opts in! We’re proud to be the market leader. As a solution provider, we are proud to put ultimate power into your hands! Presenting the best multi location management POS!

Here’s a feature that helps your save tons of efforts and even money when you run multiple gaming centers. No matter how far apart in the world they are! iCafeCloud POS enables you to run one single license to list and run multiple centers and PCs at all your locations.

Additionally, Members from any of your game centers can use the same account at all your locations to play and continue earning their loyalty bonuses! All you have to do is install iCafeCloud and it takes care of the rest! Here’s what to expect!

  • View offers purchased by your customers at any of your branches
  • Define pricing per center
  • Create separate offers per location
  • Customer user accounts are carried through all locations

What’s more? You can use our Open API to make all your centers do a lot more. They can take bookings from a phone app or your website! Loyalty bonuses can be earned and availed at any of your branches! You can also set separate pricing depending on the location of your gaming centers!

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