Great data is the driving force of any business. Here’s a POS that helps you manage your valuable customer data as simple as creating their user account. That’s right, just a new account is all it takes. With iCafeCloud’s user management systems!

User management with iCafeCloud
Customizable fields for user accounts with toggles for required fields

With iCafeCloud, you can always stay updated on the information that you require from your all your users. Customer grouping is included into the POS as a fundamental feature. Custom pricing discounts can also be awarded with this feature! User activity tracking certainly is more blissful with optimized user management.

iCafeCloud also auto calculates the loyalty points and the rewards for you users! iCafeCloud also houses a direct link to google drive feature as well as the option to directly download the users database!

Frequent users can also be auto promoted to higher status users with the points system! And the best part, the POS calculates it all on it’s own based on your preferences!

With the integration of the Open API e.g. iCafeCloud allows you to let these registered users interact with you on a platform of your choice! That’s right. App, Website or Webapp. All these and more! You can link any platform to iCafeCloud! Accept orders, bookings, interact with clients and alot more. The only limit is your imagination of what you can do with this feature!

Our multi center feature allows your customers to experience all you’ve got to offer. All with 1 user account!