iCafeCloud updates – CCBoot (v. 0522 2023-05-22)


  1. Added allow shop by member
  2. Added default html in settings
  3. Added avg spend, session numbers, avg pc time
  4. Added show game page as default after login
  5. Added protection settings
  6. Fixed center logo
  7. Allow Manager to open Super Client
  8. Fixed shop bug of staff
  9. Fixed staff permission config bug
  10. Fixed checkout problem on CP
  11. Fixed COD shaders
  12. Fixed offer update problem
  13. Fixed server-client commands bugs (CCBoot)
  14. Fixed VHD bitmap write problem (CCBoot)
  15. Fixed update image problem when PCs online (CCBoot)
  16. Improve the commands between server and client (CCBoot)
  17. Improve shop search problem
  18. Removed system cache
    iCafeMenu (v. 2023-05-22)
    1. Fixed bugs
    Please update CCBootClient in the image after updating CCBoot