So you’ve made it big in the LAN center ocean, Wohoo! What next? We know the entrepreneur in you doesn’t stop here! Does it? Here are a few things you can try. The least to expect, increased revenue per sq. ft. for you. Increased Value per sq. ft. for your customer! Here’s 6 tips to get the most out of your entrepreneurial marvel! No. 5 is a revenue booster for sure!

2.5X more revenue

1. Get the Taste Buds, Buzzin!

No gamer has ever been happy without a good drink and a great snack by their side when gaming! Solve this burning issue instantly, start with the simplest of dishes that you or your staff can make. Nothing too complicated needed here. Oh and, don’t forget to experiment with the ingredients! Who knows what you’ll be able to bring to your gamers! Now we know this comes with hassles of the inventory, but rejoice, iCafeCloud has got it covered for you. Stock, restock, modify as much of your inventory with iCafeCloud. Your customers can also order right from their battle-stations! All managed, All automated, All Simple. All for you!

2. Be open to subletting!

Do you have enough space for a Kiosk at your space? This one’s for you! There are brands looking to stay in constant touch with your target audience. Guess who’s got to benefit from this? You, ofcourse!

Brands that sell commodities in the domains of gaming, anime or even web3, have somewhat of an indentical audience as you do! Rent your free spaces out to them! Nothing like some extra rental income!

P.S. If offset right, these brands can pay off your employees by themself! Talk about self sustaining, talk about your business!

3. Be the Tech guy!

Learning the fundamentals of System Integration for building PCs can go a long way into generating extra income for you! Think about it, you already have the right audience coming in! Someday, this specific clientele will need their own PCs and that’s where you come in! Building high performing, neatly tweaked, cable managed work-play-stream-beasts for them! Pick a PC out of your gaming setup if you haven’t already and rip it apart! Start learning the practical way!

A good PC sales business might get more than enough revenue to cover rent for you! More than enough computer shop in your vicinity will be more than happy to help you with the parts at Tier 1 prices. All you have got to do, is ask! How’s the freedom feeling, my friend?

4. Let the games, begin!

Tournaments are a great way to gain maximum publicity for your brand! What’s exciting? Once you have a few tournaments that hit off well, you can reach out to brands in the gaming niche and get the collaborations going! Think about it, Cash Prized tournament entries do attract a ton of crowd! The entry fees is where your gold is! $$$ on your mind already? There’s more!

iCafeCloud already hosts a ton of tournaments where your players can make money. All they need to do is participate in the tournaments!

5. Space issues? No worries!

So you took our advice and rented empty spaces out already? Kudos! Here’s more. While your physical store might have limited resources in terms of space, there’s something that doesn’t! Your customer’s demands for your services! To get the wheels spinning, pull out all the extra inventory you carry that can be rented out! Anything from controllers to consoles and PC accessories to PCs itself! There is always demands for these for events like house parties, study sessions, research projects, architecture projects and the list doesn’t stop until you want it to. It had to here because we have a blog to finish!

You can easily calculate the rental packages you can make for all of these services and get started as soon as you spread the word! This one’s a sure fire revenue booster!

6. Sell with Us!

No, we do not want your entrepreneurial spirit to become an employee, we’d never want that for you! What we mean is, you can become a reseller for our products that help with gaming center management and also your diskless network architectures! You are paid by the customers that buy CCBoot because of you and all recurring payments that they make, become passive income for you!

Now if you’re big already, it’s possible you have already thought about most of these, feel free to give us some great tips in the comments! We’ll be more than grateful to learn from your wits, Senpai? And we’ll get it automated, thanks to iCafeCloud, CCBootCloud and our Over Powered Dev Team!