AAA Titles are somewhat of a huge selling point when it comes to owning a gaming center. It is hard to determine when a player would want to switch the machine they’re using. Save games done manually in such a scenario can become a hectic task. iCafeCloud is here to the rescue!

iCafeCloud allows center owners to store the save files for every game launcher and non launcher onto a central location! Your part, specify the save game path. Piece of cake, right?

Saving games with iCafeCloud

The saves are always available for every game in your license pool! Here’s exactly where iCafeCloud stands out of the others available all over the web. We care, about saving your games!

Like videos more than reading? Here it is

iCafeCloud makes your players feel like they have their own PC at your space! What’s better than making your customers feel at home?

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