“Change is the only constant in life” is what they say. The windows UI has been the only panel for interacting with your PC all this time, not anymore! Change the UI for your clients into a rather gaming themed and user friendly. Ultimately, what we want to do is to give them a fresh, new user experience every time they walk into your theatre of games!

UI for gaming center client PCs, Move Over Windows!

How you ask? Simple, iCafeCloud! So, what can you expect? To start with, a completely new and customizable UI shell that runs on top of your client PC’s windows operating system!

UI for gaming center client PCs, Move Over Windows!
It looks something like this AND, it is completely customizable! Center owners can add their center name, logos, change the background and even have custom videos set to load onto the login screens for clients!

Next, with USB write protection as well as no access to windows root services, your machines will never be at a risk of encountering viruses, trojans, malwares etc. of any sort!

Oh and did we mention it, time and licenses are all managed by iCafeCloud. Users can also order their favorite inhouse F&B items from the UI directly. What’s more? The UI directly links to the current Local and Global leaderboards!

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