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We accept all payment modes!

Plastic money payment modes rule the world and there is no denying it. Even with the evolution of crypto currency, fiat still rules the realm! And while money keeps changing, so does iCafeCloud POS! With iCafeCloud, every payment and even,… Continue Reading →

Let’s get social!

Today, your brand only exists if it exists online! Social media is the crux of any business trying to thrive and we’re on the front foot making it easier! With iCafeCloud, you can directly share the updates of your latest… Continue Reading →

iCafeCloud’s Global Servers

icafecloud’s global servers

POS User Accounts Made Simple

Great data is the driving force of any business. Here’s a POS that helps you manage your valuable customer data as simple as creating their user account. That’s right, just a new account is all it takes. With iCafeCloud’s user… Continue Reading →

Initialize iCafeCloud, the easy way

So you’re loving iCafeCloud already? And want to know how to Initialize iCafeCloud? Here’s a brief, POS soldier! First and foremost, let’s get the server ready, OR NOT? iCafeCloud does not require a dedicated monster PC to run! Any PC… Continue Reading →

iCafeCloud, what’s new?

Hey There! Thank you for bring here. We are grateful and humbled by the love you have for iCafeCloud! We love to bring better features to you that make your life easier. Here are a few recent ones that we… Continue Reading →

TOXiC GAMiNG, Egypt Success Story

We love talking to our customers for feedback and this has been one such conversation. We recently had a fun conversation with Mustafa Helmi AKA “DEHCAA”, Owner of TOXiC GAMiNG from Egypt! Here’s a gist of the gaming center and… Continue Reading →

POS Multi-Location management simplified

With iCafeCloud, we’ve had one motto since the inception. Save time, Money and Effort for each subscriber that opts in! We’re proud to be the market leader. As a solution provider, we are proud to put ultimate power into your… Continue Reading →

Open API Integration for POS made EZ.

So how’s business? Boomin’ we’re sure because you use iCafeCloud! Here’s another mind blowing feature! You can now use the Open API from iCafeCloud and integrate it into your own apps or websites! Let us know if you can make… Continue Reading →

Revenue Streams for LAN Gaming Centers

So you’ve made it big in the LAN center ocean, Wohoo! What next? We know the entrepreneur in you doesn’t stop here! Does it? Here are a few things you can try. The least to expect, increased revenue per sq…. Continue Reading →

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