So you’re here looking for a gaming cafe (a.k.a LAN center) management software? Entertain us for 2 short minutes if you will, this might just be the thing you are looking for!

Why are we this confident you ask? BECAUSE WE’VE GOT IT ALL! That’s right, with a sole intention of providing every internet cafe management tool all in one, we proudly present to you, iCafeCloud!

Here’s what in store for you!

Need more? The development on the iCafeCloud panel never stops, just like a growing business like yours shouldn’t! Oh and the best part, we’ve got customer support for you 24X7!

iCafeCloud’s user control panel can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any point of time, from all and any devices that you own or have access to.

The Client UI for iCafeCloud is one of the most intriguing UIs we’ve developed so far. It blocks access to windows which ultimately cuts down alot of notorious activity on hard to monitor stations at your location and also, makes it extremely user friendly for all your customers to access what they require with simplicity.

Pro Tip : Client Side User Interfaces are completely Customizable!

iCafeCloud also has Local and Global Leaderboards where center owners can create their own events or allow players to participate in Global events happening around the world and let players rank on these boards with their skills. Nothing like some extra sense of accomplishment, right?

And we’ve still got a lot to offer!

iCafeCloud users get complete freedom on creating custom events which could be a tournament or a point rush, as you’d like it.

Users can claim loyalty points to get free time at the center or maybe some free food or beverages, again, complete freedom!

iCafeCloud also has dedicated servers that auto update the enabled games on the system so you never, ever have to worry about game updates at any given day!