The World is Moving to the cloud, why should your POS be obsolete tech? This one’s to taking complete advantage of the new gen tech. Making your POS work on the cloud while also brining tremendous changes over the traditional systems!

With a cloud-based POS system at your disposal you can at all times, connect to your system from any browser enabled device to check on the performance of your business, make changes and improvements remotely, store valuable customer and accounting data on a secure cloud, streamline operations and tweak them in real time again, from anywhere in the world, lower storage capacity costs and also save on maintenance and the list goes on! All we want to say is, you are always in control of your business, no matter where you go!

Future Proof POS Cloud Software

Wondering where you can find a POS system like this? Here it is!

iCafeCloud is a cloud-based gaming center management POS system that enables all of this and a some more!

First and foremost, it goes great with diskless boot-based environments like CCBoot, GGRock, SENET and others. It also adds and Oomph to the traditional customer UI, presenting a rather sophisticated and easy to use panel and completely eliminating the notorious activities that can be done with access to windows. And it also goes without saying that it also manages the time and helps with managing game licenses like a breeze! And if that is not all, you can instantly track each and every transaction at your gaming center in real time! Your customers get to chat with you right from their seat with ease. They also get to order their inhouse F&B without having to reach you every time they want something.

Finding it worth a shot? Find more about iCafeCloud, right here! You can also get a free Demo of the software, right here!