So you’ve got a gaming center? This one’s for you! Let’s manage your time keeping.

There’s not much you can achieve with a hand written book or also, an excel sheet can only be optimized and tweaked so much so that you can still never get a complete solution that keeps track of client’s activity and also reminds them of the play duration, logs them out automatically or even more, saves the left over time until the next time they login and by human nature, we do not feel like this list is coming to and end anytime soon!

Time Sessions with iCafeCloud

So here’s what we propose, an all in one solution for all your gaming center’s demands that evolves as you do! Sound about right? This is what you’re looking for!

iCafeCloud improves your gaming center management experience with sophistically created algorithms, hand picked features selected specially with gaming centers in mind, completely customizable user experiences and a lot more!

Your iCafeCloud panel can be accessed from any browser, anywhere in the world and the key to it, remains with you and you only! iCafeCloud also enables local and global events right off the bat! players also win Cash Prizes when they participate in these events. Along with Loyalty and Bonus points that the players can use to avail loyalty bonuses from your gaming center.

And if that’s not enough, iCafeCloud also offers a custom UI shell for all the client PCs at your center! This prevents unauthorized data access. It also prevents unwanted read and write which is a common issue at gaming centers around the globe!

The best part? You can always get a completely free demo of the amazing software from the discord link!

The Youtube Channel describes all these features in a lot more detail!

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