Plastic money payment modes rule the world and there is no denying it. Even with the evolution of crypto currency, fiat still rules the realm! And while money keeps changing, so does iCafeCloud POS!

With iCafeCloud, every payment and even, non payment! Is tracked along with the payment mode that you choose to accept from your customers! That’s right, iCafeCloud enables payment tracking from all payment methods!

Payment's tracking with iCafeCloud

To enable any of the payment modes, all it takes is selecting the payment modes you’d like to accept. It’s irrational how simple it is with iCafeCloud! These payments will be reflected by a proper breakdown on your income reports which are live tracked in real time with your favorite POS!

With the world moving from cash to cards and online payments, it’s time to move with the world!

Welcome to an era of seamless report tracking and accurate reporting. Try the simplicity for free! Afterall, time saved is time earned!