With iCafeCloud, our eternal vision is to be able to run any game or app that you’d like to for your clients. Welcome to a hassle free UI shell. While iCafeCloud works smooth with both, disk based and diskless environments, some games might not. They do require custom parameters to run from time to time. Especially the retro games! And we all love them, don’t we?

Say you need to be able skip cut scenes or launcher splash screens on games because your customers find them annoying. It may also feel like the games take up a lot of their play time. Just find the right parameters and iCafeCloud takes care of the rest!

iCafeCloud users can also opt to run apps or games as administrator when needed with the simple command line “-runasuser” added to the game’s parameters!

Custom Parameters with iCafeCloud

This can also come in handy when trying to launch a game from the launcher directly without adding in the appid when it is not available

Custom Parameters with iCafeCloud
Ex : Run Valorant directly with commands using the parameters

There’s alot to do with the right parameters! Given you find the ones you’d like to run your game with. Many can also make your games run smoother and faster! Give them a try and let us know how they worked for you!

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