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Release Update 2023-05-31

2023-05-31iCafeCloud updates =============== 1-Added live-chat(beta)2-Added level on client UI based on point function3-Added member level4-Added “allow cancel booking” permission5-Removed download file protection6-Fixed level-up function7-Fixed usb protection8-Fixed boot page display problem9-Fixed multiple update for boot pcs ———————————iCafeMenu (v. 2023-05-30)1-Added visual functions2-Fixed… Continue Reading →

ICafeMenu Makeover: Customize Your User Interface

How to Customize Your ICafeMenu Interface for a Personalized Experience Welcome to our guide on how to customize your ICafeMenu interface! We understand that not all users may be happy with our new simple and minimalist design, so we’ve put… Continue Reading →

Release Update 2023-05-22

2023-05-22iCafeCloud updates – CCBoot (v. 0522 2023-05-22) =============== Roadmap

Release Update 2023-05-15

2023-05-15iCafeCloud updates =============== 1-Improved CCBootCloud performance2-Improved iCafeCloudServer3-Fixed HZ settings bug4-Fixed boot page display problem ———————————iCafeMenu (v. 2023-05-15)1-Improved iCafeCloud client UI——————————— Roadmap

Release Update 2023-05-08

2023-05-08iCafeCloud updates =============== 1-Fixed Fortnite track2-Fixed reLogin problem3-Improved PC group problem4-Improved request for help Notification in the admin panel can be now close by staff previously was not ———————————Upcoming 1-New iCafeCloud client interface coming along with some changes2-New CCBooutCloud version… Continue Reading →

Release Update 2023-05-01

2023-05-01iCafeCloud updates =============== 1-Fixed client assist bug2-Fixed EA Games3-Fixed booking bugs of auto checkout before booking time4-Fixed offer config problem5-Fixed member logs—————————— Roadmap

Release Update 2023-04-17

2023-04-17iCafeCloud updates =============== 1.Fixed guest top up problem2.Fixed IDC game search3.Fixed report top up refund problem4.Fixed feedback page problem5.Fixed addTimeMoney negative value6.Fixed steam game symbolic links7.Fixed display product name when postpaid checkout8.Improved member group color9.Improved epic auto launch10.Improved auto switch… Continue Reading →

Release Update 2023-04-10

2023-04-10iCafeCloud updates =============== 1.Fixed conquer trade price2.Fixed EpicGames login3.Fixed top up report bug4.Fixed top up game coins 5.Fixed pool license share from main center 6.Fixed price float display problem7.Improve EpicGames autolaunch8.Improve switch server9.Improve member booking for mobile10.Added unsigned rooms on… Continue Reading →

Conquer Online Trade

Conquer Online feature on ICafeCloud Panel, This video explains everything on this new feature. This video explains everything about Conquer online trade on iCafeCloud. Conquer online trade feature manages your trades in your center and adds it to your daily… Continue Reading →

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