Choosing the right hardware for your gaming center can be a challenging task. You want to provide the best gaming experience for your customers while staying within a budget. Let’s see what the real customers have to say about their experiences and choices.

Fanat Gaming Center, Kazakhstan


Hardware in Use


Network HardwareIntel 10gbps ethernet
CPUIntel Core i7-7800X
DisksSSD Samsung 870 QVO 1TB *8


Comfort ZoneIntel i5-12400Nvidia RTX 305016GBAOC 165Hz
Exclusive ZoneIntel i5-12400Nvidia RTX 305016GBSamsung 144Hz
VIP ZoneIntel i5-12400Nvidia RTX 305016GBSamsung 144Hz
Ultra ZoneIntel i7-12700Nvidia RTX 3060ti and Nvidia RTX 309032GBAsus 280Hz

Insights from Fanat Gaming Center:

  1. Reliable Brands: They trust NVIDIA for GPUs, Intel for CPUs, ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte for motherboards, and Kingston for RAM.
  2. Balancing Performance and Budget: Prioritize components that directly impact gaming performance, like graphics cards and CPUs.
  3. Maintenance: Daily monitoring of equipment for loose connections, driver updates, and temperature checks. Full dusting and general cleaning every three months.
  4. Lessons Learned: Avoid low-quality components and overspending on non-impactful features. Ensure proper ventilation and cooling.
  5. Hardware Updates: Upgrade frequency is determined by budget and newer technology releases.

El Templo Esports, Spain


Hardware in Use


Network HardwareASUS Hyper m.2 card GEN4
CPUAMD 7700x 8-Core
MotherboardAsus X670P Prime
Game DisksWD SN850X NVME Disks
Image/WB DisksSamsung 980 Pro NVME Disks
RAM128GB RAM Corsair DDR5 6000MHz CL36


ZoneCPUGPURAMMonitorMouseKeyboardAdditional HardwareFurniture
Standard ZoneAMD Ryzen 5 3600x Nvidia 206016GB Corsair 16CL144Hz BenQ Zowie xl2411PZowie FK2-BLogitech G513SE Red SwitchDrift Gaming Chairs
Bootcamp ZoneAMD Ryzen 7 3700xNvidia 2070 super16GB Corsair 16CL240Hz BenQ Zowie xl2546kZowie FK2-BLogitech G513SE Red SwitchDrift Gaming Chairs
Streaming ZoneAMD Ryzen 7 3700xNot specified16GB Corsair 16CL3x 240Hz BenQ Zowie xl2546kLogitech GPRO LIGHTSPEEDLogitech G513SE Red SwitchStream DeckDrift Gaming Chairs

Insights from El Templo Esports:

  1. Reliable Brands: They recommend Samsung Pro NVME line or WD ones for disks and Intel original card for NIC server card.
  2. Balancing Performance and Budget: Major investment in high-performance budget and top market monitors (BenQ 144 and 240Hz models).
  3. Maintenance: Monthly hardware maintenance and daily game/app updates.
  4. Lessons Learned: Use Windows Server specific hardware (Xeon, ECC Ram, PLP disks). On client side, prefer 16GB or 32GB RAM and local NVME disks. No need for expensive GPUs.
  5. Hardware Updates: Server is upgraded every 2 years, and clients every 3 years. They always have replacements for all peripherals.

Evolution Gaming Center, Kyrgyzstan

Evolution Gaming

Hardware in Use


Network2x X520-10G-2S (10+10 Gbit network card), 3x NETGEAR GS752TX-100NES
CPUIntel Core i7-13700
Game DiskSamsung 980pro 2tb (Online games)
2nd Game DiskSamsung evo 870 2tb (Offline games)
Writeback Disk6x Samsung Evo 870 500gb 500GB
Image Disk1x Samsung Evo 870 500gb 500GB
Server OS Disk1x Samsung Evo 870 500gb 500GB


Comfort Zonei5-12400RTX 305016GBAOC 165HZ
Exclusive Zonei5-12400RTX 305016GBSamsung 144HZ
VIP Zonei5-12400RTX 305016GBSamsung 144HZ
Ultra Zonei7-12700RTX 3060ti and RTX 309032GBAsus 280HZ

Insights from Evolution Gaming Center:

  1. Reliable Brands: They prefer brands like Zowie for mice, HyperX for headsets, Logitech for keyboards, and Asus for monitors and PCs.
  2. Balancing Performance and Budget: They believe in investing in high-quality hardware even if it means starting with fewer PCs.
  3. Maintenance: PCs are dusted every six months and accessories are cleaned every Monday.
  4. Lessons Learned: Avoid cheap hardware and prioritize cooling systems. Avoid unnecessary features like extra RGB lights.
  5. Hardware Updates: Hardware is upgraded once every three years and accessories once a year.

This information directly from real gaming centers can serve as a useful guide when deciding on the hardware for your gaming center. Remember to carefully consider your budget, the performance of the hardware, and its reliability. Always prioritize the gaming experience of your customers. A well-equipped gaming center will attract more gamers and keep them coming back.

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