iCafeCloud POS comes enabled with a games manager for all your games! No kidding. No matter what launcher you use, iCafeCloud has got it all. All the way from Steam games to Windows Store games and more! Even Mail.RU. You name it, we gots it!

To get started, all you need to do is access the games panel, select the type of the game, select the game path and iCafeCloud takes care of the rest!

iCafeCloud Games Management

The cherry on the top, you can also add local games as easily as adding any other launcher game! It is also possible to add any local software installations! That said, there is no limit to adding what suits your requirement the best!

The game license manager takes care of assigning the games licenses. If you add the APPID for steam games, you can also have the game running directly instead of making selections after the steam app opens! The same process applies for Uplay, RIOT, MailRU, Windows Store and any number of launchers you choose to add!

Games can also be classified into groups and displayed to specific PC groups using the PC Groups feature on iCafeCloud! Games can also be categorized into categories to make it easier for the players to choose form their favorite Genre’s!

iCafeCloud Games Management

Looking to manage your games like a PRO? Here’s a FREE DEMO of iCafeCloud!