When it comes to managing multiple games without a POS, it could cost a lot of your valuable time and there are no two ways about it. We’re here looking to make a dimensional shift to this. How would you like it if you could enter the path for your games, ONCE and have your software take care of the rest?

This is exactly what iCafeCloud does for you! It brings you the power to manage all your games on any number of machines in one panel! It also helps with game updates, tracking what games are making your the most money with the Local Hot feature. Managing game launchers and selecting required executables as well as parameters is nothing short of bliss.

Games Management with iCafeCloud
The game addition panel UI for iCafeCloud

A super interactive and simple UI is ready to use immediately after install! Your customers can also access center accounts that you have purchased for their favorites. And it goes without saying that iCafeCloud manages these licenses for you as well!

iCafeCloud supports game and launcher types like Steam, Epic Games, Battle.Net, Origin, Riot, Rockstar Games, Uplay and even Mail.ru! And if you need to add titles that do not belong to any of these, you’ve got complete flexibility on adding non launcher titles.

You can also set parameters for every game if required. The poster and the launcher icon are completely customizable as well. You can create categories and make it easier for your customers to find their game of liking easily.

Excited already? iCafeCloud also auto saves game progress for all games added to your client PCs. These saves are accessible from any PC on the network!

Need to try this for yourself? Shoot us a message on our discord to get started!