Let’s face it, customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects of keeping a business running. Settings a reward for their loyalty is a must. That said, we already know you have been adding the personal touch to their experience. You’ve also been making sure that you do not leave any stone unturned to give them the best you can! How about you give them loyalty bonuses? Oh and, all you’ve got to do to make it happen is install iCafeCloud! No Kidding, that is it.

With the cut throat competition that most gaming centers face no matter where they are in the world, it has become extremely important to add as much value as possible to your loyal customers. Now there are multiple ways of doing it, sure. But to keep a data of the value you have created for both, yourself and the customer, how many ways do you have of quantifying it? Here’s a simple solution, let your customer earn loyalty coins and reward themselves, while they play! Sounds fun, right? It is!

Customers at your iCafeCloud enabled gaming center earn points when they play games like, CSGO, League Of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant and Fortnite! Coin distribution for the reward system can be found here!

To give back like true entrepreneurs do, center owners can set coin based gift systems for the customers to claim from the store which can include things like redeemable game time, food, gaming accessories and you can get as creative with this as you’d want to! What’re you adding to your gift shop? Let us know in the comments!

Build your swag bag today! Give your customers the best, which they definitely deserve! Try the iCafeCloud POS system for free! DM us on our discord today!