POS systems for gaming centers have been around for a while. But what if there was one that saves your time and effort all at once? Your search ends here! This cloud based POS system is set to change your life! Presenting iCafeCloud, a cloud based gaming center POS system that is set to make managing your gaming center a piece of cake! With features picked to suit the needs of every gaming center owner, process automation and alot more.

POS to compound profits

Let’s talk about getting efficient with just the software! First, it manages the time for each and every client PC that you have at your gaming center. It takes care of game licenses and game updates! Inventory is blissful when you use iCafeCloud POS to handle it. All that said, productivity comes easy when you’re using iCafeCloud! Imagine what you can do with the extra time you have left with you! Oh and it goes without saying that saved efforts compound into amazing results, don’t they?

Talking about productivity, you don’t have to put time into counting customer loyalty points, either! iCafeCloud comes with an activity tracker and customers are auto awarded points for the games they play! What’s more your ask? The POS also makes sure that you never lose out on tracking your earnings, all earnings are presented in real time! The iCafeCloud UI for clients makes sure you do not have to deal with pesky windows related problems. This saves your downtime per client machine!

An amalgamation of all these is sure to bring you compounded profits in the long run! What do you think?

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