Today, your brand only exists if it exists online! Social media is the crux of any business trying to thrive and we’re on the front foot making it easier! With iCafeCloud, you can directly share the updates of your latest events that happen at your gaming center. And it’s as simple as clicking the share button on your control panel!

Imagine this, you just hosted a successful tournament using iCafeCloud’s tournaments feature. Your gamers have gone home with high regards for your gaming center. Here’s another chance to make them feel even more special! Once the tournament’s final results are out, just share the post to social media! Tag the best ones and once they share it, guess who’s getting all the good Karma? You!

We definitely do not need to tell you how much rep this adds to your social page! Ready for the “+rep” life? Take a shot at iCafeCloud!

Players also get to participate in iCafeCloud hosted events directly from the client panel!

The scores of all the players are available on the shared link for everyone to access and of course, flex!

With more such social features planned, iCafeCloud is all set to become your favorite cloud gaming POS of all time! Think you’d like to ride the wave? Here’s a completely FREE DEMO, on the house!