The best part of owning a LAN gaming center is certainly the joy of watching teams battle it out in a local arena. And here’s something, better than the best! Events managed via your POS system directly! You heard it right! iCafeCloud allows center owners to create events on their local environment and reward the best players all with none to zero effort! Interested? This 2 minute read tells you exactly how!

You’re going to love this feature if you host alot of tournaments! iCafeCloud brings you the power of event based performance tracking out of the box! No kidding, your POS system auto calculates the player scores. iCafeCloud runs Overwolf in the background that tracks activities like player’s kills, assists, deaths and more in different games.

The player performance is the biggest factor that comes into play when calculating scores. The top 5 played games account for scores. Currently supported games are, DOTA 2, CSGO, Valorant, League of Legends and Fortnite!

Local events with iCafeCloud

iCafeCloud allows easy creation of events from the Events Tab. All Clients PCs can always see the active tournaments. The events page also displays the rules. Players can join using their details and their wallets.

Local events with iCafeCloud
Top 3 players are listed on the events tab as well along with the points they have earned in the tournament.